Historical Significance

The Emilio Wilson Estate consists of two former plantations namely: Industry and Golden Rock Plantation. The area of Golden Rock, known as Rockland is the location of John Philips’ residence. John Philips was Commander of Sint Maarten from 1734-1746.

The Plantation, which was known as the Sentry Plantation before it was renamed to Golden Rock and Industry in 1781, dates from the mid to late 1600s. It was mainly a sugar cane plantation and was worked by an average of 53 slaves at any given point in time. Over the past 3 centuries the area has had numerous owners.  Moses Philips, a relative of Commander Philips, sold the plantation to Maria Theresa Kolhff-Fahlberg in 1845. Marie Theresa Kolhff-Fahlberg was married to Adrianus Kohlff, Colonial Secretary of Sint Maarten from 1830-1850. Maria Theresa’s adopted daughter Ann Thomas Richardson sold the plantation to the van Romondt family in the late 1800s. The van Romondt’s descendants sold the entire property to the late Emilio Wilson in 1954. The plantation is the last one of its kind on Dutch St Maarten that has remained relatively intact and untouched since the abolition of slavery.